Friday, 2 December 2011

What every angler and fish in the world has been waiting for!

What type of angler are you?

Maybe you enjoy sea angling, carp or coarse angling or indeed trout and salmon fishing or maybe more that one type, maybe all of them given the opportunity if your lucky?

Each type employs different tackle and tactics by the angler, but what baits do all these different types of fishing have in common? Surely one bait does not fit all.... or does it?

Welcome to the world of fish, and fishing with just one bait that all (most) fish species will naturally eat - no matter where you fish for them beit in the lake, river, stream, creek, lagoon or sea - literally anywhere in the world = SPAWN!

Recently a company in the United Kingdom has developed what is claimed to be the worlds first synthetic spawn designed to be hooked as a fish bait suitable for thousands of species all over the world!
If like most people you have never heard or thought about fishing with spawn (and lets face it you are not alone here), it is actually a great method, true and not as it might first seem a novelty type bait but a devastating bait that fish have been gorging themselves on for millions of years!

There are two versions of spawn available namely; Aqua-SPAWN™ for use on freshwater and SEASPAWN™ for sea fishing. Both types are supplied as tiny beads made of a synthetic material of natural ingredients (not rubber or plastic) that you add liquid to and flavour yourself causing them to rapidly expand (pot noodle?) to a hook-able size in around 1-2 hours. They have a shelf-life of 10+ years and because they are synthetic will not go off and can be dehydrated and rehydrate many times over!

Fantastic? You bet!
Both spawn products are remarkable and they have accounted for some very good catches, but what strikes me mostly is that each of them have a little embryo inside too!

Now that really is just fantastic, just what every angler and fish in the world has been waiting for!

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