Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Facebook marketing insider secrets!

Facebook marketing insider secrets!

Thought I might share this info with you guys...

Do you already have a page?
Maybe thinking of using Facebook marketing for your business but don't know where to start?

# How to find demographic information on Facebook
# Facebook Ads creation page/tool: self-serve and engagement ads.
# Find out how many people match your target demographic
# How to create a Facebook reveal tab
# Facebook Page application: Static FBML
# Post Images & Videos
# Facebook Social Plugins
# Facebook Promotions via contents and giveaways

The ads creation/page tool:
Estimates about the number of people on Facebook that match a given interest, gender, age, relationships status, and more.

If you have paid for Facebook ads, you will be able to access your campaign reports (found here). From that area you should access the “Responder Demographics” report.

While the data is not necessarily updated daily, the information provided via the Facebook Ads creation page (found via http://www.facebook.com/ads/create) is priceless.

With a little bit of HTML knowledge and the Static FBML application, you can bring your Facebook Page to the next level.

Host promotional scavenger hunts, in which users are rewarded with free items as they check in to various places around a city or neighbourhood
Integrated Facebook Places into your marketing strategy (see here)

Facebook Promotions

The other type of promotion which has been extremely effective is contents and giveaways on Facebook Pages. These sorts of contests help drive engagement and also help pages acquire new fans quickly. While Facebook has restrictions on how promotions can take place from within Facebook Pages, there are numerous companies who are currently providing services to enable promotions and giveaways. Check out Wildfire and Involver for more details.
Keep in mind that all promotional activities must follow Facebook’s promotional guidelines (found here).

Facebook Social Plugins

Facebook has a number of social plugins to help out those companies which have a company website or blog. By using the like button, the fan box, and other social plugins, companies can dramatically increase engagement on their site and traffic. While there are numerous social plugins (found here), the three most important are the like button, fan box, and recent activity plugin. For a complete guide to leveraging these and the benefits of social proof provided by Facebook social plugins, check out this article.
All Facebook Marketing Terms

The Facebook marketing dictionary. It’s the ultimate resource for all the terms you need to know.

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