Sunday, 25 May 2008

Who cares?

We are the most successful animal ever to walk this earth!

We have evolved as "superior" not because of our strength nor of our speed to catch and overcome our prey, or our ability to run from danger from other predators. The one thing that separates us from other creatures, including those that exist now or have since become extinct - is our ability to think and outwit the competition!

It's our intelligence that ranks the species Homo sapiens (Latin: "wise human" or "knowing human") as the most successful of all time.

If you use your natural or evolutionary power to "think", then you might agree; that we as Humans must have survived and evolved into what we are today simply because we are more clever than other species?

Imagine our ancestors being chased by a saber tooth tiger...
How did they survive?

If they had simply stood their ground and submitted themselves to the tigers mercy, then surely they would be eaten? Similarly if they ran (flight instinct) then they would be caught and eaten (presuming the tiger was faster at running of course). Likewise if they fought with the tiger (fight instinct) then they would come off second-best i.e. eaten again... or would they?

So the question begs - what then did they do to survive, and how come all our ancestors weren't eaten by saber tooths, or other prehistoric creatures?
I guess some were 'eaten' but obviously also some of them survived and I guess we "learned" from our experiences by "inventing" tools, weapons, hiding, ambushing, communicating with one another, crude technologies etc. - those learned survival techniques probably saved us and distinguished us.

Humans are the only known species capable of building fires for warmth & cooking their food, clothing themselves, and developing innovative ideas or ways to make our lives easier and beneficial to others. Humans pass down their skills and knowledge to the next generations through communication, education and learning.

For my mind; now that we have established ourselves as the predominant "master" species, with our ability to think, outwit, kill, invent, manipulate, control, or reason through social interaction. We should use our powers of superiority and intervention for good purpose. Part of that educational process to pass on what we have learned; should be in an advisory or thought provoking capacity to cater for tomorrows situations created by today's generation.

By laying down a few basic foundations based on the problems of today, we can help develop solutions to overcome all that we have achieved at the expense of those few surviving and less intelligent creatures tomorrow.

Accountability is ours.

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