Sunday, 25 May 2008

Changing our lives

It's a common fact that most people understand the need for change, except they either; refuse to accept or don't understand the problem or solution when it's presented to them!

I'm talking about technical or practical solutions to problems in general of course - Not that I have all the solutions to all the problems but I do believe I have solutions to some.

If I'm not distracted while writing this blog, I hope to mainly focus on those problems most people are aware of in their lives; and the effect that they are having, or will have on future generations. I will also publish some posts with a view to giving a little insight into my past life thus far with some mention of novel, and practical solutions to problems (and needs), as well as technological approaches and my obvious thought processes in developing such ideas.

The main posts will be based on some of the following topics which I hope you will discuss with me and perhaps thrash around a few ideas?

Naturally more specific suggestions for topics to discuss are welcome!

General Topics:

The Environment
  • Pollution & Waste
  • Wildlife
  • Climate change & Global warming
  • Kitchen gadgets
  • Time savers & other inventions
  • Hi-fi, Audio, Tv, Computers etc.
  • Transportation
  • Electricity generation & production
  • Fossil fuels
  • Future energies

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