Monday, 4 March 2013


Badger Cubs
Good Morning,

Its all very well me telling you how disgusted I am at the proposed Badger cull in England, my sentiments are not being heard by those ignorant and ill advised decision makers!

Do you have a call to action plan or is it a simple matter of creating more public awareness?

I am of the opinion that we are fighting on two fronts at the same time here namely;
1. The great unwashed ignoramus
2. The blood-thirsty barbarians

The decision makers, our Government, are push-over's when it comes to listening to advice, sadly its the wrong advice they are taking on board, influenced perhaps by the cheapest option proposed by the Farmers lobby, that of - shooting Badgers!
They are also influenced by votes and that is their Achilles heel. Public opinion is already miffed by the austerity cuts imposed upon them, so too is the general consensus of a cull being a little unsavoury.

I am no expert in political matters, but I am an environmentalist and care deeply for the welfare of animals. If Inoculation works then it should be pursued at whatever cost. The analogy for negotiation and peace talks to end or prevent hostility with the enemy, saving lives should be our priority!

We have persecuted animals for far too long, lets not give the barbarians aka "badger-baiter's" a licence to kill. Killing is seen as the cheapest way to eradicate a problem and "sporty", it is simply wrong and irresponsible, an unnecessary act of cruelty and superiority over another blameless animal.

These are our native badgers, they are not some alien species that threaten our way of life, they are a protected species and have a right to be protected. Tuberculosis is a curable bacterial infection.

They live in our country quietly going about their business while giving joy to anyone who encounters them, they have a right to exist. If any badgers have been unfortunate enough to catch bovine TB from cattle, they deserve to be vaccinated just like you and I. Let’s not forget, this is bovine TB, it’s the cattle that are spreading the disease, not the badgers.

I'm sure many will share my horror at the ineptitude of these politicians. Let's join together and badger them!

Chris Wilson

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