Thursday, 25 September 2008

Are Electric Cars Possible?

Electric cars are the solution but for two major problems as far as I can

1. Energy Production

2. Energy Storage

1. Energy production (generating electricity) is imminent as I have determined using a unique generating method which DOES NOT involve hydrocarbons (fossil fuels) or nuclear fuels. Neither does it involve wind, solar, geothermal or any other cited renewables.
If your thinking bio-fuels, you would be wrong.

I am developing a system of renewable energy using hydrogen but not as a combustible, rather the system is closed-loop without exhaust (not even water) and without huge energy input.
It is not electrolysis either -just so you have something else to eliminate, but I cannot disclose it without compromising the project so you will have to wait for the announcement (imminent)

2. On-board storage is a major obstacle if we are to get acceptable mileages out of our cars.
The system I'm working on would allow you to independently generate all the electricity
you require at home for much less than any other current single fuel cost/energy provider.
Not only would it allow you to power your home (TV, Microwave, Lighting etc.) but it is a dual purpose co-generating system providing both heat and electricity for around 0.003p per kWh.

Plug in your car to the wall outlet (AC) using an inverter to DC to recharge your batteries. Battery technology/fuel cells are not yet at the storage capacity or sizes/weights where you can make your journey practical, but at least my results show I have solved the first problem - Energy production.

PS. This is the point where I get loads of negative comments?
Until I show a repeatable demonstration with numbers to back up the
project... it is only to be expected.

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